problem in handling Farsi ezafe characters

As you know, we concatenate words with Ezafe when two words have a relation of modifier word and modified word.

But, You may not know the concatenation rule when the last character of modified word is HEH+HAMZA.

In Arabic unicode set, HEH+HAMZA ABOVE is one character(U+06C0)

But, in Farsi unicode set, this HEH+HAMZA(U+06C0) is invalid. You must not use this character! (See the 7th page of this document)

Instead, you must use HEH(U+0654)+ZWNJ(U+200C)+YE(U+06CC) or HEH(U+0654)+HAMZA ABOVE(U+0654)
You can use which you like, however, I recommend to use HEH+ZWNJ+YE because HAMZA is usually hard to see in computer screen.

By the way, Do you know the key position of characters above?
ZWNJ is Shift+B
HAMZA is shift+N